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Teknr – Technology Entrepreneur Resource

A comprehensive one-of-a-kind resource for all technology entrepreneurs.There are several resources like blogs and websites to learn about technology and tech startups. On the other hand there are several quality sources to learn about entrepreneurship. However, the crossover from technology to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship to technology is difficult for many. Teknr will solve this problem by creating a uniquely designed articles, tutorials and tools to learn the aspects of being a TECH ENTREPRENEUR. This site is designed for both technology and management professionals.


First things first

Who is a technology entrepreneur?

Before you go through this elaborate course of the website to learn about being a technology entrepreneur, let’s first define who is a tech entrepreneur. A tech entrepreneur is someone who starts a company leveraging technology. For instance if you own a business in which majority of your sales or sales information is done through a website, then it is technology business and you are a technology entrepreneur. On the other hand if your website is only one of the many aspects of your business and does not play a critical role then you don’t come under the category of technology entrepreneurship.